List of Parables In the Bible

List of Parables

Jesus Teaching Parables

This is a table listing all the Parables in the Bible. The blue texts are active and can be viewed by placing your mouse cursor over the verse.

Each Parable is listed in the book that it is found, if the same parable is mentioned in more than one of the Gospels it is listed with a reference to each gospel in which it is found. The Parables are placed in alphabetical order according to their Name.

Using the Search box you may search for any parable by name or verse. For example, you can type “Luke 6” in the Search box and only the parables in Luke 6 will be displayed, or you can type “John” in the search box and find all the Parables in the book of John.

You may exclude the columns that you don’t want to see using the “Columns” option to make extra room for the columns you do want to see.

There are 105 Parables in the List.

There is a formatted downloadable document listing all the parables with all the text and references in the Download Articles and Books Page. Available in both PDF and MS Word format.