Bible Symbols That We Know

Symbols that We Know

Symbols In the Bible

To the Left is a Symbol Picture. It contains Symbols that most people should recognize. When these Symbols are recognized they should bring back the memory of an event, place, or thing, or a whole word Picture of what that symbol stands for (a picture paints a thousand words).

The Picture at the Left shows four Symbols. They are listed below with their Definitions:

  • Cross = Christ’s Death on the Cross as a substitution for Our Second Death.
  • Lamb = The Lamb of God, Jesus
  • Dove = Holy Spirit
  • Book = Bible, The Word of God

Symbols In the Bible

God has placed Symbols in the Bible to give the Bible a fuller and deeper meaning. Instead of using images God has used word pictures to paint a picture of His message to us. The Bible is full of Symbols that God has placed there for our edification.

At the bottom of each web page, I have put four Bible Symbol Word Pictures. I have tried to put related symbols together when possible.

The Purpose of this Web Site

The main purpose of this Web Site is to teach students of the Bible how to Study and interpret symbolism for themselves. I will teach you how to Find, Interpret, and Apply Symbols in the Bible according to Bible principle.

When I had the Idea of creating this website on Bible Symbols, I was under the impression that there wasn’t much information out there on Bible Symbols. When I was looking for printed material on the subject I found very little, and most of what I did find was not very accurate. In fact, I bought a Book that said that it was a Dictionary of Bible Symbols. As I began to read it I found that most of the work the author did was by “pondering a while” and “sometimes it took two or three attempts before the light dawned on me” then he said that “everyone must engage in their own interpretation of the Bible“. After reading this in the Introduction and looking at a few of his symbol definitions, I decided that his method was not accurate nor Biblical.

This kind of teaching has caused many people to lose confidence in the use of Bible Symbols and is probably why the use of Bible Symbols has remained somewhat mysterious.

God has placed the Symbols in the Bible Himself, and therefore they are there to be understood by all who want to know.

The Bible, which is the source of all knowledge, says that prophecy (and the rest of the scriptures) are of no private interpretation and that it came not by our will (or by pondering) but by the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:20-21.

I found that in general, there is a limited knowledge on the subject and there is very little teaching about how to find or interpret the symbols.

What I hope to do is to help you to study for yourself, the Biblical way, and Interpret scripture for yourself using the method God gave us. This will unlock the meaning of some difficult scriptures that you have struggled with for a long time.

To find out how to Find, interpret, and use Bible Symbols Click on the link below to go to the next page.

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New Bottles = Converted Person

New Bottles

Fruitful Tree = Christian that Brings Others to Christ

Fruitful Tree

Sword = Word of God

Vine = Jesus Christ

The Vine