old wine

Old Wine


Variations on the Symbol Wine:

Red, Sweet, New, Old, Mixed, or Mingled Wine, Blood of the Grape, and Strong Drink.

Definition and use:

  1. Doctrine, True or False (New Wine or Old Wine)
  2. Jesus Blood or Atonement
  3. Affliction , Wrath, Violence (Revelation 14:10)

Info and Details:

Wine Can Be:

  1. Fermented Grape Juice (alcoholic)
  2. Unfermented Grape Juice (non-alcoholic)

In the Hebrew and Greek, the word Wine is used to mean Gape Juice either fermented or unfermented. In Hebrew, the word is “yayin” H3196 except for where New Wine is specifically used the word “tiyros” (H8492) is a blessing from God and can be used to mean grapes, or juice, or New Wine (unfermented). In the New Testament, the word for wine is “oinos” G3631, and can mean either fermented, or unfermented grape juice.

When Wine is used to Symbolize Doctrine it is “Old Wine” or fermented grape juice, that is False Doctrine and “New Wine” or Unfermented grape juice, that is True Doctrine. (see Isaiah 28:7). Fermentation is a Symbol of Sin especially in wine where “Leaven” or yeast, is used to make the wine ferment. Yeast is also the leaven in bread that causes bread to rise. Since Wine and Bread are both symbols of the body of Christ, neither can be made with leaven or yeast which is a symbol for sin, since that would destroy the symbols of communion and Passover. The Greek word “Zume” (Strong’s G2219) is the word used for Leaven which also means “fermenting matter”

Related Symbols:

Strong Drink, Drunk, Drunken, Blood


New Wine

New Wine

New Wine = Ecclesiastes 2:3; Isaiah 65:8
Old Wine = Deuteronomy 32:33; Romans 3:13; Proverbs 20:1; Isaiah 28:7; Isaiah 5:12; Isaiah 5:22–24; Isaiah 28:7; Isaiah 29:9–11

Jesus’ Blood – Matthew 26:27–29; 1 Corinthians 11:25

Affliction, Wrath, Violence – Revelation 14:10; Jeremiah 25:15-18

Download the free Book:Wine in the Bible”  (PDF Document) or (MS Word Document) By John Harvey Kellogg (inventor of Kellogg’s Cornflakes), in the Download Articles and Books Page.